ExQuilla licenses are now free

Beginning in March 2018, ExQuilla is no longer selling licenses, but instead is giving out licenses without charge. The are multiple reasons for this, but the main reason is that purchased licenses are valid for one year, but looking at the ongoing changes in Thunderbird, we are not confident that we can support ExQuilla in versions of Thunderbird that will be current after March 2019.

Thunderbird 60 releases in May 2018, and a version of ExQuilla should be available prior to that release that will work there. Versions of ExQuilla for Thunderbird 60 should not require a license. Previous versions of ExQuilla, working with Thunderbird 52 and earlier, will continue to require a license - but that license is now being handed out without charge (or will be automatically updated without charge within 6 weeks of your existing license expiration date.)

ExQuilla licenses are linked to the email that you use with your Exchange Server account. For the license to be valid, the license in the email must match the Exchange address.

Exquilla licenses are stored on our license server, and should auto-install when Exquilla is restarted.